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Table 4 Gene ontology terms of biological processes in the miR-425 associated expression profile

From: MiR-425 expression profiling in acute myeloid leukemia might guide the treatment choice between allogeneic transplantation and chemotherapy

GO ID GO terms Percentage of Members of the GO Term Present in the miR-425 Profile P-value
GO:0008152 Metabolic process 62.8 0.004
GO:0044237 Cellular metabolic process 59.6 0.002
GO:0043170 Macromolecule metabolic process 55.7 < 0.001
GO:0044267 Cellular protein metabolic process 30.7 0.029
GO:0031326 Regulation of cellular biosynthetic process 29.4 0.006
GO:0009889 Regulation of biosynthetic process 29.4 0.008
GO:0010468 Regulation of gene expression 29.4 0.009
GO:0051252 Regulation of RNA metabolic process 25.0 0.026
GO:0065009 Regulation of molecular function 20.5 0.019
GO:0006468 Protein phosphorylation 15.3 0.011
GO:0009790 Embryo development 8.9 0.026
GO:0051301 Cell division 7.7 0.004
GO:0032101 Regulation of response to external stimulus 7.7 0.019
GO:0010608 Posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression 5.8 0.025
GO:0042787 Protein ubiquitination 3.8 0.026
  1. GO gene ontology