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Table 2 miRNAs in ceRNA network of BC

From: Systematic analysis of lncRNA–miRNA–mRNA competing endogenous RNA network identifies four-lncRNA signature as a prognostic biomarker for breast cancer

miRNA logFC P value FDR
hsa-mir-210 3.022945333 5.83E−49 7.72E−48
hsa-mir-183 2.861143375 8.29E−95 2.30E−93
hsa-mir-429 2.590469156 3.89E−72 7.09E−71
hsa-mir-137 2.481127225 4.30E−10 9.52E−10
hsa-mir-182 2.265833003 1.04E−62 1.64E−61
hsa-mir-21 2.105244174 2.87E−112 1.19E−110
hsa-mir-204 − 2.643779105 2.00E−64 3.23E−63
hsa-mir-144 − 2.948045408 2.31E−109 8.42E−108