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Table 3 Essential characteristics of the six differently expressed circRNAs

From: A circRNA–miRNA–mRNA network identification for exploring underlying pathogenesis and therapy strategy of hepatocellular carcinoma

CircRNA Alias CircRNA type Position Strand Best transcript Gene symbol Regulation
hsa_circRNA_103510 hsa_circ_0067934 Exonic chr3:170013698-170015181 + uc003fgs.2 PRKCI Up
hsa_circRNA_100542 hsa_circ_0017639 Exonic chr10:7290509-7327916 uc010qay.2 SFMBT2 Up
hsa_circRNA_102166 hsa_circ_0004913 Exonic chr17:62248459-62265775 uc002jec.3 TEX2 Down
hsa_circRNA_104515 hsa_circ_0002980 Exonic chr7:141336759-141349133 + uc003vwi.2 AGK Down
hsa_circRNA_105031 hsa_circ_0091570 Exonic chrX:131516205-131526362 uc004ewt.3 MBNL3 Down
hsa_circRNA_100291 hsa_circ_0000098 Exonic chr1:101372407-101387397 + uc001dtn.2 SLC30A7 Down