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Fig. 4

From: Resibufogenin suppresses colorectal cancer growth and metastasis through RIP3-mediated necroptosis

Fig. 4

The expression of necroptosis protein in resibufogenin-, and parthenolide-treated mice. a RIP3, PYGL, GLUD1 and GLUL in tumor tissue lysates from vehicle-, resibufogenin-, and parthenolide-treated mice were detected by western blot analysis (n = 3). b Tumors were excised and processed for immunostaining with RIP3 (green, anti-RIP3), PYGL (green, anti-PYGL), GLUD1 (green, anti-GLUD1), GLUL (green, anti-GLUL) and DAPI (blue), and fluorescent images were obtained by Confocal, ×400 for all, scale bar = 100 μm. See also Additional file 1 and Additional file 2: Figure S10. c Immunohistochemical staining of RIP3, PYGL, GLUD1 and GLUL expression in tumor tissues. ×200 for all, scale bar = 100 μm

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