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Fig. 4

From: PBMC fixation and processing for Chromium single-cell RNA sequencing

Fig. 4

RNA quality and sequencing performance also improved in methanol-fixed KLM1 cells resuspended in SSC. a RNA was partially degraded in fixed KLM1 cells rehydrated in PBS. Cells resuspended in SSC kept RNA high quality. b The genes and UMI counts detected dropped about 20 and 30% respectively in PBS-rehydrated KLM1 cells while almost no drop in SSC-resuspended cells. c “Fraction reads in cells” in PBS-rehydrated KLM1 cells was very low, indicating leakage of RNA from cells. In contrast, KLM1 samples resuspended in SSC had much higher “fraction reads in cells”, meaning it prevented the cytoplasmic RNA leakage after the fixative was removed

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