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Fig. 3

From: PBMC fixation and processing for Chromium single-cell RNA sequencing

Fig. 3

Fixation processing preserves single-cell RNA profiling and gene expression levels. a Fixation did not affect the sensitivity of the single cell analysis. The UMI and genes detected per cell were slightly lower after fixation. The drop rate is about 20% in Donor X PBMC, Donor Y PBMC and CD4+ cells, indicating a consistent conversion efficiency of the system. The number of detected genes was still much higher than that reported with version 1 reagent by ×10 company. b Gene expression levels (mean UMI/gene/across all cells) showed a high similarity among live and fixed cells, especially between two fixed PBMC samples fixed at the same time but preserved for different duration (3H and 3W) and sequenced separately, indicating our fixation method is highly reproducible. Only 2 and 15 gene expression levels increased with two or more fold changes after fixation for 3 h and 3 weeks respectively. ***p < 0.001

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