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Table 2 The functional significance in ANOVA

From: Identification of an early diagnostic biomarker of lung adenocarcinoma based on co-expression similarity and construction of a diagnostic model

Pathway term P value
Primary.immunodeficiency 1.08E−05
B.cell.receptor.signalling.pathway 5.37E−05
Haematopoietic.cell.lineage 0.000310509
T.cell.receptor.signalling.pathway 0.001363854
Fc.epsilon.RI.signalling.pathway 0.002015294
Regulation.of.actin.cytoskeleton 0.004150605
Non.small.cell.lung.cancer 0.006087547
Leukocyte.transendothelial.migration 0.01039866
Cell.adhesion.molecules 0.01324628
Natural.killer.cell.mediated.cytotoxicity 0.0139198
Fc.gamma.R.mediated.phagocytosis 0.01575172
NF.kappa.B.signalling.pathway 0.01622258
  1. The first column is the functional term, and the second column contains the significant P values in the ANOVA analysis