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Fig. 4

From: Tanshinone IIA promotes the differentiation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into neuronal-like cells in a spinal cord injury model

Fig. 4

Immunohistochemical staining results and images analysis. AD GFAP(+), Nestin(+), NeuN(+), and NF200(+) cells were counted in the vicinity of the spinal cord lesion for each group at 28 days post-injury. E The image analysis showed that there were significantly more GFAP(+) cells in the SCI group compared to those in the other groups. In the BMSCs + TIIA group, strong immunohistochemical staining for Nestin, NeuN and NF200 was observed, but no significant difference was noted between the TIIA and BMSCs groups. Images were taken from the BMSCs only group. Values are mean ± SDs (n = 3 per group). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 versus the SCI group. Scale bar, 50 μm

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