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Table 1 Antibodies and isotype controls

From: Lapine periodontal ligament stem cells for musculoskeletal research in preclinical animal trials

   React. Clone Conjn Flourochrome Isotype control
CD 34 GTX28158a R, H MEC 14.7 Unconj.  
  46-4817-80b r2a-1B2 2° Ab PerCP eFlour710 46-4724-82b
CD45 GTX74646a R, H MEM Conj. FITC GTX35015a
STRO-1 MAB1038c X, H STRO-1 Unconj.  
  555988d 2° Ab FITC GTX35040a
CD146 48-1469-41b R P1H12 Conj. eFluor® 450 48-4714-80b
CD90 Ab226e R MRC 0X7 Conj. FITC GTX35015a
Desmin 50-9747-82b R, H DE-U-10 Conj. eFluor® 660 50-4714-82b
Vimentin GTX79851a R, H VI-RE/1 Conj. PE GTX35017a
  1. R Rabbit, H Human, X Not present for Rabbit
  2. a Genetex, b Ebioscience, c R&D, d BD Biosciences, e Abcam