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Table 4 TAG fatty acid association with tissue and diabetes/insulin sensitivity groups

From: Triglyceride profiling in adipose tissues from obese insulin sensitive, insulin resistant and type 2 diabetes mellitus individuals

Compared groups Fixed variable Fatty acid p value
IR × T2DM SC C12:0 0.045
SC C18:3 0.048
OM C12:0 0.016
(Full model) SC+OM C12:0 0.025
IS × T2DM OM C12:0 0.03
OM C18:3 0.048
SC × OM (Full model) IS+IR+T2DM C18.3 0.027
  1. Analysis conducted using the Wilcoxon sum of the ranks test indicates fatty acids that were overrepresented amongst hit TAGs when comparing the groups specified in column 1. Comparing IS, IR and T2DM was done in individual tissues as well as when pooling data from the two tissues. Similarly, tissues were compared per group and when groups were combined (column 2). Only significant results are shown at a nominal p value of 0.05