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Fig. 6

From: Regulatory γδ T cells induced by G-CSF participate in acute graft-versus-host disease regulation in G-CSF-mobilized allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation

Fig. 6

Anti-TCRγδ-stimulated γδ T cells exert suppressive effects on CD4+ T cell proliferation. a The proliferation of CFSE-labeled autologous peripheral blood CD4+ T cells (responders) co-cultured with anti-TCRγδ-stimulated γδ T cells on day 9 (effectors) without [(3)–(6)]/with [(7)–(10)] TGF-β receptor inhibitor. (1) negative control (CFSE-unlabeled responders); (2) positive control (CFSE-labeled responders); (3)–(10) experimental groups; (3), (7): CFSE-labeled responders +G-CSF-induced γδ T cells; (4), (8): CFSE-labeled responders + TGF-β-induced γδ T cells; (5), (9): CFSE-labeled responders + (G-CSF + TGF-β)-induced γδ T cells; (6), (10): CFSE-labeled responders + only anti-TCRγδ stimulated γδ T cells. The data are representative of results from independent experiments of 5 healthy donors. b The bar reflected the effect of anti-TCRγδ-stimulated γδ T cells in the three inductions and control groups at day 9 of culture on the proliferation rates of CFSE-labeled CD4+ T cells. *P < 0.05

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