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Table 1 Histological characteristics of LREC women with recurrences

From: Identification of micro-RNA expression profile related to recurrence in women with ESMO low-risk endometrial cancer

Women Histological grade FIGO stage LVSI status Nodal status RFS (months) Localization of recurrences
1 1 IA Neg 15N-/15 10 Local
2 1 IA Neg 12N-/12 34 Local
3 1 IA Neg 7N-/7 114 Centro pelvic
4 1 IA Neg 17N-/17 37 Local
5 1 IA Neg 6N-/6 15 Nodal (PA) and centro pelvic
6 2 IA Neg 26N-/26 13 Centro pelvic
7 1 IA Neg 13N-/13 5 Distant (liver) and centro pelvic
  1. LREC low risk endometrial cancer, FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and obstetric, LVSI lymphovascular space invasion, RFS recurrence free survival, PA para-aortic