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Table 1 Epidemiological and clinical data of affected family members

From: Family specific genetic predisposition to breast cancer: results from Tunisian whole exome sequenced breast cancer cases

Family Member Diagnosis age Histological subtype SBR grade Tumor size (mm) Hormone receptors status HER2 status Disease evolution Medical history
BC-TN-F001-1 43 Invasive ductal carcinoma II 22 ER +/PR+ ND CBC within 5 years, grade III triple negative carcinoma 3 miscarriages
BC-TN-F001-2 56 Invasive ductal carcinoma ND ND ER +/PR+ ND In remission No medical history
BC-TN-F001-3 47 Bifocal invasive ductal carcinoma I 7 ER +/PR+ HER2− In remission Primary infertility (IVF)
  1. CBC contralateral breast cancer; ER estrogen receptor; PR progesterone receptor; ND not determined; IVF in vitro fertilization