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Table 3 The C-index of nomogram model and TNM stage for prediction of OS in the primary cohort and validation cohort

From: Establishment and validation of a predictive nomogram model for non-small cell lung cancer patients with chronic hepatitis B viral infection

Factor Primary cohort Validation cohort
C-index (95% CI) p C-index (95% CI) p
Nomogram model 0.780 (0.733–0.827)   0.786 (0.731–0.841)  
TNM stage 0.693 (0.640–0.746)   0.704 (0.642–0.766)  
Nomogram model vs TNM stage   < 0.01   < 0.01
  1. Nomogram Model: including eight risk factors (age, size, pTNM, treatment, APOAI, APOB GGT and LDH)
  2. C-index concordance index, CI confidence interval