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Table 1 Candidate SNPs selected in the study and influence on gene expression according to eQTL database

From: Association of genetic polymorphisms in genes involved in Ara-C and dNTP metabolism pathway with chemosensitivity and prognosis of adult acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

SNP Gene Position MAF Alleles Region eQTL P
rs7543016 CMPK1 1:47333967 0.467 C/G Gly8Arg 0.3
rs3760468 NME1 17:51153130 0.376 A/T Promoter 2.3e−21
rs2302254 NME1 17:51153539 0.087 C/T Promoter 2.7e−13
rs3744660 NME2 17:51168540 0.162 A/G Intron 2.5e−12
rs6102991 SAMHD1 20:36956238 0.386 A/G Promoter 2.0e−6
rs28372906 SAMHD1 20:36951753 0.063 C/T 5′-UTR NA
rs6029941 SAMHD1 20:36891027 0.447 A/G 3′-UTR 2.1e−8
rs3213150 E2F1 20:33687284 0.357 C/T Intron NA
rs3213180 E2F1 20:33675818 0.286 C/G 3′-UTR NA
rs2412344 RRM1 11:4086354 0.430 C/T Promoter 1.1e−6
rs183484 RRM1 11:4119902 0.381 G/T Arg284Arg 9.4e−6
rs1130609 RRM2 2:10122793 0.343 G/T 5′-UTR/Ser59Ala 1.2e−7
  1. NA expression data is not available in the eQTL database