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Fig. 1

From: Baseline antibody profiles predict toxicity in melanoma patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors

Fig. 1

Validation of a proteomic microarray for measurement of serum antibodies. a Intra-chip reproducibility was assessed by comparing probe intensity readings for duplicate spots from 10 independent serum samples/chips. Linear regression analysis was used to determination the correlation between spots within chips. To assess interchip reproducibility, probe intensity readings were assessed in the same 10 serum samples across two distinct microarrays on separate occasions, and linear regression analysis was used to determine the correlation between chips. b Comparison of probe array signal intensities for anti-CTLA-4 antibodies from serum samples (n = 39) from melanoma patients taken before and after anti-CTLA-4 ICI treatment. Top, raw array scans of duplicate anti-CTLA-4 spots for pre- and post-anti-CTLA-4 samples from patient 10-262. Bottom, graph showing combined anti-CTLA-4 array signals (mean ± SD) for all pre- and post-treatment samples. *p < 0.0001

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