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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients with de novo immune hepatitis and chronic rejection

From: Identification of the cellular components involved in de novo immune hepatitis: a quantitative immunohistochemical analysis

Patient Gender Original disease Baseline IS Biopsy date (biopsy #) Months after LT Diagnosis
1 F Drug toxicity CYA, AZA, ST 18-02-00a 21 dnIH
2 M Alcoholic cirrhosis CYA(N), MMF, ST 15-03-04a 58 dnIH
3 M HCV + alcoholic cirrhosis CYA(N), ST, anti-CD25 13-07-04 (B1)a
05-09-04 (B2)
4 F Alcoholic cirrhosis CYA, MMF, ST 16-07-04 (B1)a
13-06-05 (B2)
5 F Unknown CYA, MMF, ST 28-01-10a 32 dnIH
6 F PBC CYA, MMF, ST 19-04-10a 13 dnIH
7 F HCV cirrhosis CYA, MMF, ST 30-07-12 (B1)
05-12-12 (B2)a
8 M HCV cirrhosis TAC, ST 28-12-00a 14 dnIH
9 F HCV cirrhosis CYA, MMF, ST 18-06-09a 57 dnIH
10 F SBC CYA (N), MMF, ST 19-02-14a 87 dnIH
11 F HCV cirrhosis CYA, AZA, ST 25-04-97a 7 dnIH
12 F HCV cirrhosis CYA(N), ST, anti-CD25 04-02-02a 19 dnIH
CR-1 F HCV cirrhosis TAC, MMF, ST 09-11-04 29 CR
CR-2 F PBC Sotrastaurin 01-11-11 12 Early CR
CR-3 M Caroli disease TAC, MMF, ST 08-03-13 17 CR
CR-4 M Alcoholic cirrhosis + NASH TAC, MMF, ST, anti-CD25 30-07-13 6 Early CR
CR-5 M HCV cirrhosis + HC CYA, MMF, ST 07-06-13 11 CR
CR-6 M Cryptogenic TAC, MMF, ST 08-03-12 9 Early CR
CR-7 M Re-transplant TAC, MMF, ST 05-08-10 74 CR
CR-8 M Alcoholic cirrhosis TAC, anti-CD25 12-03-14 84 CR
CR-9 M PBC TAC, anti-CD25 22-01-07 75 CR
  1. M, male; F, female; LT, liver transplant; HCV, hepatitis C virus; PBC, primary biliary cirrhosis; SBC, secondary biliary cirrhosis; IS, immunosuppression; TAC, tacrolimus; AR, acute rejection; CYA, cyclosporine; N, Neoral; MMF, mofetil mycophenolate; ST, steroids; AZA, azathioprine; dnIH, de novo immune hepatitis; CR, chronic rejection; NASH, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis; HC, hepatocellular carcinoma
  2. adnIH diagnostic biopsy