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Table 2 Sorted genes downregulated by hUTC conditioned medium treatment in human RPE cells isolated from AMD and normal donors

From: RPE phagocytic function declines in age-related macular degeneration and is rescued by human umbilical tissue derived cells

IPA category Function Gene symbol Gene name
Cellular movement Rho GTPases related ARHGAP9 Rho GTPase activating protein 9
Cell death and survival Apoptosis induction CYCS Cytochrome c, somatic
  BMP5 Bone morphogenetic protein 5
   EGR3 Early growth response 3
Cellular function and maintenance Inflammation induction TLR4 Toll like receptor 4
  TAC1 Tachykinin precursor 1
   FABP4 Fatty acid binding protein 4
   CCRL2 C–C motif chemokine receptor like 2
   PTGDR Prostaglandin D2 receptor
   F2RL1 F2R like trypsin receptor 1
   PLA2G7 Phospholipase A2 group VII