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Table 1 Description of parameter values involved in the CA-125 dynamics, as given in [25]

From: Improving cancer detection through combinations of cancer and immune biomarkers: a modelling approach

Parameter Description (units) Baseline value
\(f_{ht}R_{ht}N_{h}\) Healthy cells shedding influx (U/day) \(4.56\times 10^{3}\)
\(f_{t}\) Fraction of tumour biomarker entering tumour vasculature 0.1
\(R_{t}\) Biomarker shedding rate per tumour cell (U/day/cell) \(4.5\times 10^{-5}\)
\(N_{h}\) The constant level of healthy cells (which shed the CA-125 biomarker) (cell)
\(k_{gr}\) Growth rate of tumour cell population (day\(^{-1}\)) \(5.78\times 10^{-3}\)
\(k_{et}\) Elimination rate of tumour biomarker from plasma (day\(^{-1}\)) 0.11
\(c_{CA125}\) Cut-off limit of CA-125 assay (for healthy vs. disease states), when the biomarker is produced by both tumour and healthy cells (U/ml) 34.11
\(d_{CA125}\) Detection limit of CA-125 assay (i.e., min concentration of biomarker detectable in plasma), when the biomarker is produced by the tumour cells alone (U/ml) 1.5
\(V_{pl}\) Mean plasma volume in a 70-year female patient (ml) 3150
\(D_{T}\) Tumour detection time (day) To be determined