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Table 5 Pathways significantly enriched for the identified protein coding genes in the blood of patients with MFS compared to HV controls (adjusted P value < 0.05)

From: Deregulated microRNA and mRNA expression profiles in the peripheral blood of patients with Marfan syndrome

PANTHER classification pathways Number of genes Over-/under-represented (±) Fold enrichment P value
Reference lista Target listb Expectedc
Apoptosis signaling pathway (P00006) 119 10 1.68 + 5.96 0.00154
JAK/STAT signaling pathway (P00038) 17 4 0.24 + 16.69 0.00210
Integrin signalling pathway (P00034) 194 11 2.73 + 4.02 0.01920
Angiogenesis (P00005) 174 10 2.45 + 4.08 0.03500
  1. Pathways resulted significantly over-represented by the identified protein coding genes. P values were tested using Fisher exact test and adjusted using a Bonferroni correction test. MFS Marfan syndrome, HVs healthy volunteers
  2. a Number of genes in the reference list that map to this PANTHER classification category
  3. b Number of genes in the target genes list that map to this PANTHER classification category
  4. c Expected value is the number of genes that could be expected in target genes list for this PANTHER category based on the reference list