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Table 1 Core analysis of the kidney in 6-week-old mice

From: Physiological and molecular effects of interleukin-18 administration on the mouse kidney

Diseases or functions annotation p-value Molecules
Delayed hypersensitive reaction of renal glomerulus 4.92E−03 Il18
Injury of kidney 3.50E−02 Il18, Ppard
Injury of endothelial cells 4.92E−03 Itgam
Thrombosis of blood 4.92E−03 Itgam
Recruitment of neutrophils 9.83E−03 Itgam
Accumulation of neutrophils 1.96E−02 Itgam
Generation of reactive oxygen species 2.92E−02 Itgam
Concentration of retinol 9.83E−03 Lrat
Hypertrophy of renal glomerulus 1.27E−02 Mapk8, Stab 2
Congestion of vasculature 1.96E−02 Nov
Aggregation of mesenchymal cells 4.92E−03 Pax2
Abnormal morphology of renal calyx 9.83E−03 Pax2
Development of renal calyx 9.83E−03 Pax2
Organogenesis of kidney 9.83E−03 Pax2
Size of renal medulla 9.83E−03 Pax2
Hypoplasia of renal cortex 1.47E−02 Pax2
Development of epithelial cells 1.96E−02 Pax2
Injury of outer medulla 4.92E−03 Ppard
Injury of renal cortex 9.83E−03 Ppard
Fibrosis of renal glomerulus 3.87E−02 Stab 2