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Fig. 4

From: Network modules uncover mechanisms of skeletal muscle dysfunction in COPD patients

Fig. 4

Training effects (TE) network modules. a Active network modules identified in case of COPD-TE, Healthy-TE and in both (shared). Genes are colored according to their differential regulation in COPD-TE (inner color of the nodes) and in Healthy-TE (border color of the nodes): up regulation with training (red circles), down regulation with training (blue circles). Modules are named after significantly enriched GO terms. Training differential expression significance is signed by * for COPD-TE, and § for Healthy-TE (FDR < 0.05) (for detailed information see Additional file 2: Table S6). b The significant correlations of the independent measurements with any of the significantly-changed training modules’ first three principal components in COPD, depicted as purple dashed lines, and in healthy subjects, depicted as blue dotted-dashed lines. Blue squares depict exercise related independent variables; red squares show cytokines measured in blood; and yellow squares correspond to amino acids measured in serum

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