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Fig. 5

From: Enhanced clinical-scale manufacturing of TCR transduced T-cells using closed culture system modules

Fig. 5

Transduction efficiency and cell phenotype following Rapid Expansion. Samples were taken at day 14 of REP culture and flow cytometric analysis was performed to determine the phenotype of the culture and the transduction efficiency of the T-cells. FACS plots of (a) E6 TCR- and (b) E7 TCR-transduced cultures show CD4 and CD8 ratios (top) and transduction efficiencies of CD3-gated T-cells (bottom). c Cell phenotype for CD4 and CD8 transduced cells is further characterized as TCM (CD45RO+CCR7+), TEM (CD45RO+CCR7), or Tnaive (CD45ROCCR7+). Mean and SD between cultures are shown

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