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Table 3 TCRVα and -Vβ CDR3 sequences of peptide-specific T cells at IM1, IM2 and IM3

From: Immune monitoring and TCR sequencing of CD4 T cells in a long term responsive patient with metastasized pancreatic ductal carcinoma treated with individualized, neoepitope-derived multipeptide vaccines: a case report

  1. Vertical brackets mark identical (“i”) or convergent CDR3 formation (“c”), the latter resulting from combination of different variable and joining regions but identical N nucleotides coding for the same amino acids
  2. Seq sequence; yellow germline encoded, pink dual TCR(2 Vα chains, 1 Vβ chain), red information of clone IDs but NOT sequence IDs
  3. *Amino acids in the “N” region position in these CDR3 sequences are germline encoded. CDR3 sequences from IFN-γneg cell fraction of IM1 were identical with CDR3 sequences identified before immune monitoring 1, 2 and 3 (Table 2). CMV specific sequences are marked in grey