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Fig. 7

From: High expression of TMEM40 is associated with the malignant behavior and tumorigenesis in bladder cancer

Fig. 7

Effects of TMEM40 inactivation on the expression of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes and knockdown of TMEM40 accelerates p53 and influenced the regulatory proteins of proliferation and apoptosis. a Quantitative RT-PCR of c-MYC, p53, Rb and JNK2 in 5637/EJ-NC and 5637/EJ shRNA cells. Expression of each specific gene was normalized to that of GAPDH. Transcription amount is presented relative to that of EJ/5637 control line. b The working model of TMEM40-regulated bladder tumor progression and development. c Western blotting analysis of proliferation-related signals and apoptosis-related signals in bladder cancer cells. Data are shown as mean ± SD (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001)

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