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Table 3 CNVs in TP53, BRCA1, BRCA2, ERBB2, IDH1, and IDH2

From: Comprehensive molecular biomarker identification in breast cancer brain metastases

Case Copy number state No. of OMIM genes1 Important cancer genes Array nomenclature2
Jed81_MT Mosaic-loss 226 TP53 arr[hg19] 17p13.3p11.2(525-20,011,122)x1-2
Jed82_MT Mosaic-loss 291 TP53 arr[hg19] 17p13.3q12(525-32,273,420)x1-2
Jed89_MT Mosaic-loss 289 TP53 arr[hg19] 17p13.3q11.2(525-31,245,235)x1-2
Jed82_MT Loss 6 BRCA1 arr[hg19] 17q21.31(41,251,930-41,829,105)x1
Jed81_MT Gain 5 BRCA2 arr[hg19] 13q13.1q13.2(32,960,791-34,576,864)x3
Jed89_MT Mosaic-loss 103 BRCA2 arr[hg19] 13q11q14.2(19,436,286-47,693,486)x1-2
Jed82_MT Gain 23 ERBB2 arr[hg19] 17q12q21.1(37,063,504-38,179,492)x4
Jed81_MT Mosaic-loss 435 IDH1 arr[hg19] 2q14.3q37.3(123,839,696-242,275,944)x1-2
Jed82_MT Mosaic-loss 75 IDH1 arr[hg19] 2q32.3q35(192,641,695-216,741,600)x1-2
Jed89_MT Gain 11 IDH2 arr[hg19] 15q26.1(90,592,464-91,543,761)x4
  1. 1OMIM, online mendelian inheritance in man; 2on average 91% overlap of affected regions between duplicate assays