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Table 3 NGS to detect novel mutations or less frequently mutant genes

From: Next-generation sequencing: recent applications to the analysis of colorectal cancer

Samples NGS # analyzed genes Novel mutations/less frequently mutant genes Ref.
60 pairs normal/CRC GAIIx Illumina 183 Targeted-seq (custom panel) 166-point mutations
25 indels
Han et al. [90]
4 mCRC Illumina
Whole genome (NEBNext DNA New England) INPPL1 p.E567G Shanmugam et al. [91]
77 CRC Ion Torrent 22 Targeted-seq (ampliseq colon and lung) ALK p.L1196M/AKT1, STK11, ERBB2, ERBB4, MAP2K1, NOTCH1 Malapelle et al. [92]
14 HNPCC, 12 EC, 2 LS Illumina
22 Targeted-seq (MMR custom panel) POLD2, EXO1 Talseth-Palmer et al. [93]
224 CRC Illumina
341/410 cancer associated genes (Msk-impact) POLE p.P286R Stadler et al. [94]
9643 mCRC Ion Torrent 50 Targeted-seq (Ampliseq cancer hotspot) Non-V600 BRAF Jones et al. [95]