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Table 4 Commercially available PD-L1 IHC assays

From: Future perspectives in melanoma research “Melanoma Bridge”, Napoli, November 30th–3rd December 2016

  BMS Merck Roche Astra Zeneca
mAb clone 28-8 22C3 SP142 SP263
Automated Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diagnostic partner Dako Dako Ventana Ventana
Machine Link 48 Link 48 Benchmark ULTRA Benchmark ULTRA
Scoring Tumor cells (membrane) Tumor cells (membrane) Tumor cells/or immune (membrane) Tumor cells (membrane)
Positive cutoff ≥ 5% (also studied ≥ 1% and ≥ 10% thresholds ≥ 1% for trial enrollment
Other analysis at > 50%
TC3 (> 50%) or IC3 (> 10%)
TC2/3 or IC2/3 (> 5%)
TC 1/2/3 or IC 1/2/3 (> 1%)
TC0 and IC0 (0%)
≥ 25%
  1. The scoring systems noted below often depend on the line of therapy and the tumor type being tested. An increasing number of assays from different companies are reaching the market