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Table 3 ESMO 2014 treatment guidelines—recommended treatments based on risk stratification [40]

From: Perspectives in immunotherapy: meeting report from the “Immunotherapy Bridge”, Napoli, November 30th 2016

Setting Treatment group Standard Option
First line Good or intermediate risk Sutinib [I, A] Bevacizumab + IFN-α [I, A] Pazopanib [I, A] High-dose IL-2 [III, C] Sorafenib [II, B] Bevacizumab + low-dose IFN-α [III, B]
  Poor risk Temsirolimus [II, A] Sutinib [II, B] Sorafenib [III, B] Pazopanib [III, B]
Second line Post cytokines Axitinib [I, A] Sorafenib [I, A] Pazopanib [II, A] Sutinib [III, A]
  Post-TKI Nivolumab [I, A] Cabozantinib [I, A] Axitinib [II, B] Everolimus [II, A] Sorafenib [III, B]
Third line Post-two VEGF-TKIs Nivolumab [II, A] Cabozantinib [II, A] Everolimus [II, B]
  Post TKI and mTOR Sorafenib [I, B] Nivolumab [V, A] Cabozantinib [V, A] Other TKI [IV, B] Rechallenge [IV, B]
  Post TKI/nivolumab Cabozantinib [V, A] Axitinib [IV, C] Everolimus [IV, C]
  Post TKI/cabozantinib Nivolumab [V, A] Axitinib [V, C] Everolimus [V, C]