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Table 1 Details of the three datasets used in the OneComp performance evaluation

From: Statistically controlled identification of differentially expressed genes in one-to-one cell line comparisons of the CMAP database for drug repositioning

Dataset Platform Phenotype Sub-datasets Sample no. (control vs treat)
GSE41326 HepG2 Liver Sub 1 GSM1014792 vs GSM1014795
Sub 2 GSM1014793 vs GSM1014796
Sub 3 GSM1014794 vs GSM1014797
GSE7161 HCT116 Colon Sub 1 GSM172453 vs GSM172451
Sub 2 GSM172454 vs GSM172452
Sub 3 GSM172457 vs GSM172455
Sub 4 GSM172458 vs GSM172456
GSE37820 MCF7 Breast Sub 1 GSM928442 vs GSM928445
Sub 2 GSM928443 vs GSM928446
Sub 3 GSM928444 vs GSM928447