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Table 2 RNA sequencing results of mRNA from the LPCs and other cells fractions in patients with de novo Ph+ALL

From: Ruxolitinib/nilotinib cotreatment inhibits leukemia-propagating cells in Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL

Sample IDa Clean reads, Mb Mapping rate, %c Exons, % Intron, % Intergenic, %
LPC1 60 83.6 81.1 16.1 2.8
LPC2 56 84.4 77.0 19.6 3.4
Other Cell1 68 84.6 91.3 7.3 1.5
Other Cell2 74 83.8 87.7 10.4 1.9
  1. aLPC1, LPC2 and Other Cell1, Other Cell2 are replicate from the LPCs and other cell groups
  2. bIndicates millions of reads
  3. cUses the Sus scrofa 10.2 as the reference genome annotation to classify the mapping tags into the different regions. Ratio was calculated by the number of tags on each region divided by the total tags on the whole genome