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Fig. 3

From: Ruxolitinib/nilotinib cotreatment inhibits leukemia-propagating cells in Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL

Fig. 3

Effects of in vitro treatment with a single drug or different combinations of imatinib (IM), nilotinib (NL) and ruxolitinib (RUX) on LPCs from patients with de novo Ph+ALL. a Sorted LPCs from Ph+ALL patients (N = 5) were treated with DMSO vehicle, IM (5 µM), NL (5 µM) or RUX (300 nM) or their combination and cultured. Representative flow cytometric analysis of apoptotic LPCs was determined after Annexin-V/7-AAD staining following 48 h of treatment in each arm. b Percentages of the early apoptosis (Annexin-V+/7-AAD) LPCs, late apoptosis (Annexin-V+/7-AAD+) LPCs (c), alive (Annexin-V/7-AAD) LPCs (d), and dead (7-AAD+) LPCs (e) were measured following Annexin-V/7-AAD staining after 48 h of treatment in each arm. Cultures were assayed in triplicate. All data from the independent experiments are presented as the mean ± SEM. Significance values ***P < 0.0001

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