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Table 5 Proteins affected in diabetes

From: Multiple therapeutic effect of endothelial progenitor cell regulated by drugs in diabetes and diabetes related disorder

Protein affected in diabetes and predicted by PharmMapper Polymorphism/inhibitors Function in diabetes References
eNOS T786C
Uncoupling leads to ROS generation Konsola et al. [173] Int J Cardiol. 2016
Glutathione S transferase Ile 105Val Reduces ROS Mergani et al. [174] Biochem Genet. 2016
Fructose1,6 bisphosphatase Inhibitor Gluconeogenesis Van et al. [175] Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2011
HSp90 Inhibitors Therapeutic/protective effect for diabetes mediated atherosclerosis Vazquez et al. [176] Clin Investig Arterioscler. 2017
VEGF Gene polymorphism Angiogenesis Gonzalez et al. [177] Int J Ophthalmol. 2017
Lai et al. [178] Sci Rep. 2017
SDF Genetic Cytokine in diabetic foot ulcer Gene. 2015
Neuraminidase Novel gene Positive regulation for insulin signalling Dridi et al. [179] Diabetes 2013
CDK2 Loss Beta cell depletion Kim et al. [180] J Biol Chem. 2017