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Fig. 3

From: Exercise in claudicants increase or decrease walking ability and the response relates to mitochondrial function

Fig. 3

Mitochondrial quality, control and mitochondrial content. Treadmill walking performance in the whole group (n = 28, grey) and subgroups of positive (n = 8, white) and negative responders (n = 8, black). a OXPHOS coupling efficiency (1 − (ETF + CI)L/(ETF + CI)P). b Excess electron transfer system-phosphorylation (E-P) capacity factor (1 − (CI + CII + ETF)P/(CI + CII + ETF)E). c Complex II control factor (1 − (CI + ETF)P/(CI + CII + ETF)P). d Citrate synthase activity (umol/min/mg of protein); Values are mean and standard error of the mean. p values are calculated by paired t test within groups and analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) between subgroups of negative and positive responders, *(p < 0.05), **(p < 0.01), ***(p < 0.001)

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