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Table 6 Multiple regression analysis models (stepwise method) with the T-score as dependent variable to estimate the predictive value of food items of PREDIMED questionnaire

From: Preliminary results demonstrating the impact of Mediterranean diet on bone health

Parameters Multiple Regression analysis
Model 1 R2 β t p value
EVOO 0.173 0.419 9.41 <0.001
Fish 0.225 0.244 5.36 <0.001
Fruit 0.241 0.140 3.13 0.002
  1. At multiple regression analysis models, among adherence to the MD and single food items, T-score was well predicted by use EVOO, fish and fruit intake
  2. Variable excluded, other food items of PREDIMED questionnaire
  3. EVOO, extra-virgin olive oil
  4. p value in italic emphasis denotes a significant difference (p < 0.05)