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Table 3 Putative predictive markers of the patient’s response to bevacizumab/erlotinib

From: 24h-gene variation effect of combined bevacizumab/erlotinib in advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer using exon array blood profiling

Time Endpointa Gene symbols KEGG pathway enrichment
Baseline TS12 ANO2, VPS13D, EML1, C22orf31, FERMT1, SFRP4, SUPT6H, GYS2, THBS4, ATP6V1B1, TCF21, ESRRB, NEUROD4, SOX15, GATA5, PRRC2B, SLC7A10, LOXL4, DISP2, TRIM7, DRD2, GPHA2, KCTD15, PAQR4, ANKZF1, SHROOM1, FABP7, FBXL21, KCNK5, MBL2, LY6D, VASN, FSTL5, MECP2, ROR2, TPT1-AS1, DCDC1, HS6ST2, HSPB7, NWD2, OR5M3, SLC35E3, UNC119B, OR10AB1P, UMODL1, ERN1, RNF151, CALHM1, TMPRSS12, KLK12, KRT14, LINC01551, NWD1, C15orf52, IL1RAPL2, TRRAP, TPK1, MYO18A, DSCR8, B3GNT6, RNA5SP430, C1orf132, PPAPDC1A, BTBD17, LAYN, CST9LP1, ST8SIA6-AS1, AL592528.1, RP11-337C18.4, GAPDHP44, HAUS7, AC010904.1, CELA3B, RP1-288M22.1, U3, CTA-929C8.7, ARSEP1, UBE2D3P4, RP11-38C18.2, RP11-94M14.2, AC007312.3, LINC00237, RP11-66N5.2, LINC01375, C1DP4, RP11-20P5.2, RP5-888M10.2, AC105443.2, FGFR1OP2P1, RP5-855F14.2, TFAMP1, POLR3KP1, CRYGFP, TBC1D3P7, RP11-336N8.1, DCUN1D2-AS, RP11-528G1.2, ZBTB22, TSPY15P, RP11-98G13.1, AC007679.4, KCNQ1DN, RN7SL549P, SMKR1, PNMA2, PI4KA, RP11-520P18.1, RP11-572M11.3, OR10J7P, RP11-331K21.1, RP11-340A13.1, LINC00977, RP3-368B9.2, SNORA18, HNRNPCP8, MPV17L2, NAV2-AS5, CTD-2517M22.14, ENPP7P5, RP11-150C16.1, HNRNPA3P10, RP11-316E14.2, RP11-566K19.5, RP11-521O16.1, RP11-616M22.7, RP11-523L20.2, AC009120.4, RP11-106M3.3, RP11-553K8.5, RP11-189E14.4, RP11-520P18.5, SAMD11P1, RP11-286N3.2, SNRPCP4, RP11-343K8.3, AC005307.3, AC010524.4, CTB-31C7.3, WI2-80269A6.1, RP11-401N16.1, RP11-416H1.1, RP11-1072C15.7 Phagosome (hsa04145, \(p=0.052\)) Protein digestion and absorption (hsa04974, \(p=0.058\))
  OS CASC1, HIST1H1A, FAM86C2P, Y_RNA, IGHV5-51, RP11-174G6.1, HNRNPA1P63, EEF1B2P1, RP3-403L10.3, RPL7P53, IGKV1-5, MRPS36P2, RP11-415I12.3, RNU6-412P, RNU6-1224P, RP11-61G23.2, CTD-2547H18.1, RP11-295G12.1, ZNF23
  TTPBE BDKRB1, NRN1, LAMC1, ZNF462, LRRC43, SGSM1, FSCN2, C9orf92, RNU6-83P, RPL7AP14, RP11-793K1.1, RP3-433F14.1, RP1-292B18.4, AC098592.7, AC114812.8, TOMM20P1, LL22NC03-88E1.17, C12orf77, RP1-213J1P__B.1, LINC01038, MARK2P12, XRCC6P3, SHC1P1, RP3-463P15.1, LL0XNC01-116E7.2, COL4A2-AS1, CYCSP44, RAC1P8, SLMO2-ATP5E, AF127577.12, STARD13-AS, RN7SL797P, RN7SL598P, RP11-544A12.8, RP11-415I12.3, RP11-61G23.2, RP11-6B19.3, RP11-136F16.2, CASC18, AC002306.1, RP11-552E10.1, RP11-361M10.3, RP11-203B7.2, RP11-475B2.1, RP11-763E3.1, RP13-516M14.2, RP11-820I16.1
  TTPCT KRTAP2-3, AC090957.2, KALP, RP11-157I4.4, TSIX
24h after initiation of BE TS12 PDZD4, SH3BP1, CALD1, SPX, MAPKBP1, MMRN1, EGF, PLOD2, ANKRD61, FZD5, CLEC1B, SLC39A13, SMCO4, BCRP2, TSNARE1, TDRP, TOP1MT, TPTE2P3, RNU105C, Y_RNA, RN7SKP257, AC006988.1, ATP5HP3, RNU6-887P, RP11-361F15.2, BANF1P2, AC099344.2, LINC00884, DDX39BP2, RP11-486M23.1, RP11-167N24.3, RP11-693J15.3, RP11-433P17.3 Pathways in cancer (hsa05200, \(p=0.031\))
  OS MYO1C, Y_RNA, DEFB134, Y_RNA, IGLV3-21, IGLC7, IGHA2, IGHA1, IGHV3-15, IGHV3-23, IGHV5-51, SOD1P1, AC016768.1, LINC01032, ZSCAN31, RP11-169N13.4, IGKV1-5, IGHV3-65, IGLC4, RP11-280K24.1
  TTPBE TNMD, TSPAN9, PRICKLE3, RAD51, MCM10, TCF3, ATP2A3, OPHN1, FBXL19, PCK2, PLTP, E2F1, PCYT1B, CKM, APBA1, CNTNAP1, FOXM1, KIF20A, CIT, HJURP, E2F8, KLF16, APOC1, ATP8B3, EPHB2, CTIF, TICRR, CTU1, CPXCR1, GRIK4, C16orf78, CKB, VKORC1, TK1, METTL7B, MZB1, ZNF296, RRM2, JUP, PCP2, CADM2, SLC25A22, KLHL28, GJC1, MARCH11, GAS2L1, MITF, HIST1H2BM, SLC25A29, SRC, MYO1C, RNU12-2P, Y_RNA, D86998.1, IGLV6-57, IGLV3-21, IGHG1, IGHJ1, IGHV6-1, IGHV4-28, AP005482.3, RP3-407E4.4, RP11-535M15.1, IPPKP1, FAM195B, RP11-69C17.2, HDGFP1, SCAMP4, RD3L, TUBB4AP1, SDAD1P2, RP11-321L2.1, SPATA31B1P, AC005772.2, RP11-22C8.1, VN1R38P, ITGA9-AS1, NIFK-AS1, B3GNT9, RP11-252M21.6, RN7SL60P, RP11-266N13.2, RP11-517I3.1, RP11-364C11.2, RACGAP1P, RP11-545N8.3, RP11-81A1.3, RP11-2C24.5, AF213884.2, PRKCA-AS1, CTD-2319I12.2 Melanoma (hsa05218, \(p=0.029\)) Pancreatic cancer (hsa05212, \(p=0.029\)) PPAR signaling cancer (hsa03320, \(p=0.029\)) arginine and proline metabolism (hsa00330, \(p=0.029\)) Pathways in cancer (hsa05200, \(p=0.029\)) Pyrimidine metabolism (hsa00240, \(p=0.041\))
  TTPCT TTTY14, MTND1P4, RP11-875H7.2, LINC01021, AC008565.1, LINC01486
  1. Gene significantly predictive of the patient’s response (\(p<0.001\)) are reported together with the associated enriched KEGG pathways. Genes that belonged to the KEGG pathway “Pathways in cancer” are highlighted in italic
  2. aTS12: tumor shrinkage at 12 weeks; DS12: disease stabilization at 12 weeks; OS: overall survival; TTPBE: time-to-progression under bevacizumab/erlotinib; TTPCT: time-to-progression under chemotherapy