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Fig. 3

From: Veliparib in combination with radiotherapy for the treatment of MGMT unmethylated glioblastoma

Fig. 3

Treatment of a MGMT unmethylated PDX mouse model with oral veliparib and radiotherapy. a Kaplan–Meier survival curves demonstrate a significant survival advantage when mice were treated with the combination of veliparib and radiotherapy. The treatment schedule consisted of concomitant veliparib (12.5 mg/kg, twice daily gavage for 5 days in a 28-day cycle) and radiotherapy (total of 4 Gy given over 2 days). b Histology of resected tumors post-treatment. The top panel displays the H&E, middle panel are stained for Ki67 while the bottom panel are stained for Tunel. (i, v and ix are tumors resected from control mice; ii, vi, x are tumors resected from veliparib monotherapy treatment; iii, vii, xi are tumors resected from radiotherapy only treatment and iv, viii, xii are tumors resected from the combination of veliparib and radiotherapy. Representative images of three mice per group are shown). c Quantitative analysis of the Ki67 staining in all treatment groups; d Quantitative analysis of the Tunel staining in all treatment groups. Error bars represent the standard deviation of three individual experiments. Significance determined by student t-test where ***(p < 0.001); **(p < 0.01); *(p < 0.05)

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