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Table 1 Diagnostic sensitivity of some biomarkers in inflammatory myopathies

From: Pyruvate kinase M2 and the mitochondrial ATPase Inhibitory Factor 1 provide novel biomarkers of dermatomyositis: a metabolic link to oncogenesis

Diseases Markers Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%)
All β-actin PKM2 βF1/Hsp60 96 100
DM PKM2    100 100
sIBM β-actin βF1/LDHA   100 100
All βF1/PKM2    95 100
CTR    100 100
PM    100 100
sIBM    90 100
  1. The table summarizes the power to discriminate (sensitivity) the myopathies by the value of the indicated markers. Sensitivity was calculated accordingly to the classification rate of the positive samples following the formula: Sensitivity = true positives/(true positives + false positives). Specificity = true negatives/(true negatives + false positives)