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Fig. 4

From: Generation of donor-specific Tr1 cells to be used after kidney transplantation and definition of the timing of their in vivo infusion in the presence of immunosuppression

Fig. 4

Protocol for T10-cell generation is reproducible upon up scaling from buffy coats to leukapheresis. CD4+ T cells purified from leukapheresis from two patients with kidney failure on dialysis were co-cultured with allogeneic DC-10 cells (generated from leukapheresis from two healthy donors) to generate T10 cells. Counts per min (cpm) of incorporated 3H-thymidine in the last 16–18 h of a 3-day co-culture of T10 or Tm cells with donor-mDC are shown. Bars represent mean value of cpm of T10 or Tm cells (in triplicates) generated from patient #001 and #002. Percentage of anergy of T10 cells is indicated over the bars

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