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Fig. 3

From: Generation of donor-specific Tr1 cells to be used after kidney transplantation and definition of the timing of their in vivo infusion in the presence of immunosuppression

Fig. 3

DC-10 have a tolerogenic phenotype and produce IL-10. One representative (out of eight) flow cytometry staining of DC-10 cells and control mDC gated on live cells. Percentages of CD14+ cells (upper left panel a), CD86+ cells (middle left panel a) and CD16+ cells (lower left panel a) are shown. Bars represent mean value of each data set ± SD for DC-10 and mDC (upper right panel a). Bars represent mean value of IL-10 (quantified by ELISA) ±SD secreted by DC-10 or mDC upon 48-h of culture in the presence or absence of LPS stimulation (b)

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