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Fig. 5

From: HIF-1α inhibitor echinomycin reduces acute graft-versus-host disease and preserves graft-versus-leukemia effect

Fig. 5

Impact of echinomycin on leukemia cell growth in vitro and in vivo. A20 leukemia cells were pre-treated with various concentrations of echinomycin in vitro, followed by colony forming analysis. Pictures of representative single colony (a) and number of colonies (b) formed by A20 cells are shown. In b, data are shown as mean ± SD. c Shows representative flow cytometry dot plots on the apoptosis of A20 leukemia cells treated with various concentrations of echinomycin in vitro. Numbers in dot plots represent frequency (%) of cells in the indicated quadrants in total A20 cells. d Sub-lethally irradiated Balb/c mice were treated with echinomycin, or infused with A20 cells followed by either vehicle or echinomycin treatment. Survival curves of mice are shown. Data in a, b, and c are representatives of three independent experiments with triplicate wells per group. Data in d are representative of two independent experiments with n = 5 per group

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