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Table 1 MicroRNAs in serum 1–4 years before diagnosis of lung cancer. Significantly differentially expressed microRNAs targeted genes of several pathways that were enriched, including known pathways of their respective cancer types

From: Excerpts from the 1st international NTNU symposium on current and future clinical biomarkers of cancer: innovation and implementation, June 16th and 17th 2016, Trondheim, Norway

KEGG pathway P value #genes #miRNAs
SCLC vs controls
 ECM-receptor interaction 7.85E-31 25 4
 Small cell lung cancer 3.09E-06 24 6
NSCLC vs controls
 Dopaminergic synapse 8.82E-11 53 10
 Non-small cell lung cancer 0.00142 17 10