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Table 1 Cellular markers used in phenotyping of UC patients

From: Immunological profiling of patients with ulcerative colitis leads to identification of two inflammatory conditions and CD1a as a disease marker

Marker Definition References
CD19+ CD27+ IgD+ Unswitched memory B-cell [30]
CD19+ CD27+ IgD− Switched memory B-cell [30]
CD19+ CD38+ Plasma cell [30]
CD4+ CD25+ Activated CD4+ T-, regulatory T cells, Th2 cells [31, 32]
CD14+ MC [33]
CD14+ CD80+ CD86+ MC, mature [3335]
CD14+ CCR2+ MC, tissue penetrating, inflammatory [36]
CD14+ TSLPR+ MC, expressing TSLPR  
CD14+ CD64+ M1MC [37]
CD14+ CD163+ M2 MC, scavenging cells [35]
CD14+ CD1a MC CD1a expressing  
CD11b+ cDC1 [33]
CD11b+ CD80/86+ cDC1, mature  
CD11b+ CD1a+ cDC1 CD1a expressing  
CD11b+ TSLPR+ cDC1 TSLPR expressing  
CD3+ CD56+ NK T-cell [38]
CD3− CD56+ NK cell  
CD3− CD56−, CRTH2+ CD127+ ILC2 [3941]
  1. MC monocyte, NK natural killer cell, TSLPR thymic stromal lymphopoietin protein, cDC conventional dendritic cell