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Table 1 Patient demographics and histological diagnosis

From: Non-invasive detection of 2-hydroxyglutarate in IDH-mutated gliomas using two-dimensional localized correlation spectroscopy (2D L-COSY) at 7 Tesla

ID Age (years) Sex Histopathology results WHO grade IDH1 status Spectral quality
1 45 F Hematoma   Not tested Good
2 49 F Metastatic breast primary   Not tested Good
3 32 F Low grade glioma (clinical MRI)   Not available N/A
4 58 F Ganglioglioma I Wild-type Good
5 43 F Ganglioglioma/xanthoastrocytoma I/II Wild-type Good
6 18 M Diffuse astrocytoma II Mutant Good
7 22 M Astrocytoma II Mutant Poor
8 72 M Anaplastic astrocytoma III Wild-type Poor
9 36 M Anaplastic astrocytoma III Mutant Good