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Table 1 Peptide sequences identified by LTQ-Orbitrap-MS among those differentially expressed in MALDI-TOF MS

From: Salivary peptidome profiling for diagnosis of severe early childhood caries

Experimental m/z value Peptide (SwissProt Code) Peptide sequence Theoretical m/z value
1370.4 Unknown peptide   
1723.7 sp|P15515| HUMAN histatin-1 REFPFYGDYGSNYL 1726.763
1851.4 sp|P02144| myoglobin GHHEAEIKPLAQSHATK 1852.954
1886.5 sp|P15515| HUMAN histatin-1 REFPFYGDYGSNYLY 1889.826
2331.0 sp|P12273| prolactin-inducible protein AAVIPIKNNRFYTIEILKVE 2330.336
2995.7 Unknown peptide   
3310.0 Unknown peptide   
  1. Values reported here are the mono-charged ions of the peptides of interest for the study
  2. m/z mass-to-charge ratio