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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria of patients

From: Impact of intra-operative cell salvage on blood coagulation in high-bleeding-risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass: a prospective randomized and controlled trial

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Opportunity of surgery Scheduled for cardiac surgery with CPB Emergency cardiac surgery with CPB
Type of surgery Multiple valves replacement The first time single valve replacement
Reoperation (at least 1 item above 3 items must be met)
Characteristics of patient Age >70 years  
BSA <1.6 m2
Cr >15 mg/L
Liver Child–Pugh B or C
R (TEG) >10 min;
HB <13 g/dL (male) or 12 g/dL (female)
PLT <50 × 109/L
Drug withdrawal <3 days (Aspirin) or 7 days (Clopidogrel) (at least 2 items above 8 items must be met)
  1. Eligible patient must meet opportunity of surgery and type of surgery and characteristics of patient at the same time
  2. Multiple valves replacement aortic valves replacement + mitral valve replacement
  3. Bentall aortic valve replacement + ascending aorta and aortic root replacement
  4. Reoperation not the first time single or multiple valve replacement
  5. BSA body surface area, TEG thromboelastography, HB hemoglobin, PLT platelets, Cr creatinine