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Table 1 Different combinations of molecular chaperones and E. coli strains tested for HPV His6-E6 expression

From: Production of functional, stable, unmutated recombinant human papillomavirus E6 oncoprotein: implications for HPV-tumor diagnosis and therapy

E. coli strain Combinationa according to chaperoneb (plasmid)
  A (pG-KJE8) B (pGro7) C (pKJE7) D (pG-Tf2) E (pTf16)
M15 [pREP4] ++ ++++ ++
BL21 (DE3) ++ + +
JM109 + +++ + +++++
  1. ± Qualitative estimation of yield
  2. aAll combinations included the pQE30 HPV16 His6-E6 plasmid
  3. bChaperone A carried the dnaK-dnaJ-grpE groES-groEL genes, B the groES-groEL genes, C the dnaK-dnaJ-grpE genes, D the groES-groEL-tig genes, E the tig gene