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Table 2 Motifs discovered in proinflammatory epitopes along with the overall coverage for each motif

From: ProInflam: a webserver for the prediction of proinflammatory antigenicity of peptides and proteins

Proinflammatory MERCI motifs Overall coverage
Hydrophobic hydrophobic K hydrophobic hydrophobic 54
Hydrophobic aliphatic polar N 48
K hydrophobic aliphatic polar 46
Hydrophobic hydrophobic K small hydrophobic 45
Aliphatic R hydrophobic hydrophobic 44
Positive tiny L 43
Polar tiny hydrophobic aromatic hydrophobic 43
K hydrophobic L 42
Hydrophobic positive tiny hydrophobic polar 42
Hydrophobic hydrophobic aliphatic polar small aliphatic 41
Hydrophobic N aromatic hydrophobic 41