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Table 5 Autologous immunotherapy of RA with ultrafiltrates derived from PBMCs and synovial fluids. The protection profile in AA is included

From: Vaccination with endosomal unknown epitopes produces therapeutic response in rheumatoid arthritis patients and modulates adjuvant arthritis of rats

Lysate ultrafiltrates Abbreviation RA patients autologously injected Adjuvant arthritis (AA) in rats iv injected
Prepared from acellular synovial fluid UF-sf Active Active
Prepared by freeze/thawing of PBMCs UF-f/t Active Active
Prepared from supernatant of PBMCs culture UF-S ND Active
Prepared by lysing PBMCs with rifamycin SV UF-R Active Ineffective
  1. RA rheumatoid arthritis, AA adjuvant arthritis in rats, ND not done