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Fig. 6

From: Pharmacologic rationale for the NK1R antagonist, aprepitant as adjunctive therapy in HIV

Fig. 6

Aprepitant blocks SP induced PD-1 expression on CD4+ T-cells. PBMC were treated for 7 days with SP and aprepitant as indicated. PD-1 expression was measured by flow cytometry on CD3+CD4+ cells and expressed as percentage of PD-1 positive cells. a Results from representative experiment are shown. First two columns show gaiting strategy. Last column shows percent of PD-1 positive CD4 cells. b Mean results from five independent experiments and SD are shown; p values determined by paired Student’s t test. Median (spread): control 14.7 (11.1), SP treated 38.4 (60.6), SP + aprepitant treated 7.8 (6.0)

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